Pain Management Retreat

Li Zheng, licensed Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist, will use specific acupuncture points to treat your back, knee or neck pain. She will show you how to use acupressure to reduce and prevent the pain at home and give a presentation about how to use food and herbs to strengthen your bones and tendons.

Get a head start on boca raton acupuncture retreatyour new years resolutions with the Acupuncture & Qigong Retreat! This one day event will teach you how to use Chinese qigong and traditional stretching exercises to heal or prevent back, knee, and neck pain.

In addition, Dr. Jing Fan, an orthopedic surgeon from China and long time practitioner of qigong will do some Chinese tuina to realign your joints, so you can walk and run without pain. He will also lead a qigong session for attendees interesting in learning this healing art.

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